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Six Pillars 1992

Amanda Miller was born in Orange County, California.  She later moved to Florida and then to North Carolina, because her father served in the U.S. Marine Corps.  Amanda started riding at the age of 7.  When she was nine years old she started competing in dressage and combined training events.  In 1992 Amanda competed in her first horse trial, finishing first, she knew that eventing was her ultimate dream.  Amanda knew that she wanted to expand her riding skills. She began training with Nanci Lindroth of Southern Pines, North Carolina.  Amanda excelled in her training and moved through the competition levels.  Amanda finished third in her first Preliminary Event in 1998 on Trish Murphey's, The Shark.  Amanda continued to ride and train in the Down-east area of North Carolina.  In 2000, she moved to Raleigh, NC to study Animal Science at North Carolina State University.  She resided at area farms teaching and training.  She took many horses to the Preliminary Level including Currituck, Alight, Confuego, Timeless Pursuits and Cherry Bomb.  In 2003, Amanda and Confuego competed at the CCI* Level, introducing them into International Competition.  Since then she has brought many young and talented horses up the levels.  In 2005, Amanda started the USEA ICP Program, achieving her certification in September of 2006.  She was the second certified Instructor in North Carolina and the youngest to be certified.  She has trained and continues to train with top international instructors to further her education and achieve her highest goals.  In September of 2009, Amanda and Jason Atkins were married.  Together they continue the goals....    

In 2010, Amanda took the ride over on Connor of Clearfield.  They won the inaugural USEF training three-day at FENCE in SC.  They moved up successfully to Preliminary qualifying for a CIC*.  They received many awards and recognition.  Amanda also competed Ravel third level dressage and received many scores, now only one score away from earning her bronze medal.  Amanda also finished her continuing credits for her USEA ICP Certification.  Amanda also serves as the NCDCTA Eventing Chairperson which has been a awarding experience. 

In 2011, Connor of Clearfield completed a CCI* in Florida and moved up to Intermediate.  Amanda attended all the training sessions, apprenticeships and final for her "r" event dressage judge's licence.  She also completed all the training for her "r" TD license.  In January 2012 she received her "r" Event Judge's License!  She is one of only seven in North Carolina and the youngest by many years!    

Wedding 2009

Longleaf HT 1998

Falcon Park Open House 2009

Virginia CCI* 2003

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Clayton, NC 27520